This is a complete list of the Thoroughbreds that were donated to our program.
If you have any questions or concerns about a particular horse, please contact us via email at or by phone at 352-356-8768.

An asterisk (*) after the tattoo number means the horse is registered with the Jockey Club but not tattooed.

Last updated on 3/11/2018.

Jockey Club Name Tattoo Foaled Sex Color Sire Dam Status
Big Shot Dan K28922 2007 Gelding Dk Bay/Br Purge Sydneyleigh 2
Corporate Emblem L17567 2008 Gelding Dk Bay/Br Include Imp's Wild 2
Curragh Mon J10778 2006 Gelding Gray/Roan Maria's Mon Imari (JPN) 2
Dancing Saints H26526 2004 Gelding Dk Bay/Br More Than Ready Danceformehailey 1
Disco Dis Way L21522 2008 Mare Bay Disco Rico Lauren's Manor 2
Dreamer of Dreams K24224 2007 Mare Bay Big Country Myra Gulch 2
Eric's Mambo J28753 2006 Gelding Dk Bay/Br Black Mambo Token's Pride 3
Fair Weather Stan H31620 2004 Gelding Bay Tiger Ridge J's Toy 5
Fiesty Duke C09569 1999 Gelding Dk Bay/Br Fire Dancer Feisty Duchess 2
Flying the Flag J02649 2006 Gelding Bay Bernstein Misedge 2
Gold Pageantry G14277 2003 Gelding Chestnut Precise End Pageantry 2
Good Trip K37910 2007 Gelding Bay Trippi Storm Music 2
Gotthegreenlight J18541 2006 Mare Bay Jump Start Lordess At War 2
Gucaipuro H07897 2004 Gelding Dk Bay/Br Cryptoclearance I Fooled Em 2
Hooked for Life J14158 2006 Gelding Dk Bay/Br Hook and Ladder Gyration 4
Hot Soup C16718 1999 Gelding Gray/Roan Alphabet Soup Hot Milk 2
Jimmy's Mr. Hicky J46576 2006 Gelding Chestnut Honor Glide Jimmy's Littlegirl 2
Jule's Jewel C08206 1999 Gelding Bay Jules Helen's Fury 2
Justoutoftheblue J09168 2006 Mare Chestnut Kinshasa Danghazi 2
Lady Samala K30426 2007 Mare Chestnut Adcat Crimson Cashmere 2
Lost One's Halo I09863 2005 Gelding Dk Bay/Br Lost Soldier Lively Aunt 2
Mac A Dude K02147 2007 Gelding Dk Bay/Br Catienus Diva's Quest 4
Magesa K23396 2007 Mare Bay Lido Palace (CHI) French Quill 2
Mambo Appeal J12161 2007 Gelding Bay Black Mambo Joy's Appeal 1
Man That Alarm K22225 2007 Gelding Gray/Roan Man from Eldorado Darndana Anna 2
Mecke's Moment I36782 2005 Mare Dk Bay/Br Mecke Moment of Revenge 3
MVP Grand I10262 2005 Gelding Dk Bay/Br Grand Slam Devilish Amour 2
Nottawatch L18054 2008 Mare Bay Full Mandate Darluna 2
On Wings of Trust J24520 2006 Gelding Gray/Roan Trust N Luck Harps and Wings 2
Open Lock E09954 2001 Gelding Bay Open Forum Lockpeace 2
Palace Prankster K01916 2007 Gelding Chestnut Lido Palace (CHI) Lady Clever Trick 6
Power Pumps K29331 2007 Mare Bay Sulamani (IRE) Etoile Ascendante 2
Prayers At Mass L07097 2008 Mare Dk Bay/Br Mass Media Redskin Rhumba 3
Prince Repent J32834 2006 Gelding Bay Repent Great Impulse 2
Princess Mecca None 2009 Mare Bay Seventysevenstreet It's Your Fault 3
Promenade's Hero K16795 2009 Gelding Bay Partner's Hero Promenade Lane 2
Pure Coincidence M10735 2009 Gelding Chestnut Simon Pure Joyful Encounter 2
Pure Pulpit H20993 2004 Gelding Bay Pulpit Odylic 7
Real Impact J16707 2006 Gelding Gray/Roan Sky Mesa Ilusoria 2
Rey Del Sol G24083 2003 Gelding Chestnut Eltish Majestica Anna 3
Rose Classic K44680 2007 Mare Bay Classic Cat Rose by a Nose 1
Seize F31667 2002 Gelding Gray/Roan Runaway Groom Sapor 2
Self L13621 2008 Gelding Chestnut Borrego Bold Roberta 2
Shezabayferrari J28070 2006 Mare Bay Shanawi (IRE) Geralyn's Pleasure 2
Shipping News K35309 2007 Gelding Bay Point Given Camargo (IRE) 2
Sir Classic Chris G10521 2003 Gelding Bay Catienus Isabella Rose 4
Sister Suave H47146 2004 Mare Dk Bay/Br Suave Prospect Whole Lot More 2
Summertime Groove J17519 2006 Mare Dk Bay/Br Vicar Riviera Mill 1
Tally Man L13616* 2008 Gelding Dk Bay/Br Tiznow Edict 2
Timber Lane K04586 2007 Mare Dk Bay/Br Prime Timber Fast Lane Terry 2
Tre Cool I11532 2005 Gelding Bay Grindstone Saucy Mademoiselle 2
Trippin Up I06575 2005 Gelding Bay Trippi Red Mischief 2
Video Vixen J08694 2006 Mare Chestnut Wild Event Video Devil 6
Village Lady I04573 2005 Mare Dk Bay/Br Sky Classic Lady Manhattan 2
Wildalana H05427 2004 Mare Bay Wild Event Northern Kitten 2
Xtralicous L01326 2008 Mare Bay Rock and Roll Miss Sweet Time 2
Yondergoesthedevil K27596 2007 Gelding Bay Wildcat Heir Lady Cheryl 4

Status Code Description Quantity
1 Available for adoption 4
2 Adopted 40
3 Adopted; deceased/euthanized post-adoption 5
4 Deceased/euthanized by organization 4
5 Donated to another 501(c)(3) organization 1
6 Returned to breeder or original owner 2
7 Permanent sanctuary horse 1
Total Horses 57

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