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Corporate Emblem - Fox

  • Foaled April 12, 2008 by Include out of Imp's Wild by Wild Gale
  • Great grandson of Ack Ack, great-great-great grandson of Tom Fool, Nijinsky II and Native Dancer
  • Retired January 20, 2011
  • Adopted February 23, 2011 by Lauren Dudley

Here's what Lauren has to say about Fox...

I adopted Corporate Emblem, aka Fox, in February 2011. He was not yet 3 years old and it had been determined that racing was not going to be in his future - he was simply too slow and had no interest in it. During our first ride, I learned quickly that Fox had no concept of how to steer, didn't respect the bit, nor knew what any kind of leg pressure meant. With consistent ground and flat work (and A LOT of circling), Fox is becoming quite the mover and has a big sweeping stride. I have hopes of getting him in the hunter ring and when he hits 4 years old, I will be starting more over-fence work with him. He is definitely the sweetheart in the barn and has a heart of gold. He is one of the most loving horses I have ever met and LOVES to give kisses. I am so grateful that he found me!

Shezabayferrari - Lovey

  • Foaled April 18, 2006 by Shanawi (IRE) out of Geralyn's Pleasure by Maudlin
  • Great granddaughter of Nijinsky II and Foolish Pleasure, great-great granddaughter of Northern Dancer and Dr. Fager, great-great-great granddaughter of Tom Fool
  • Retired February 12, 2010
  • Adopted October 31, 2010 by DeeAnn Smith

Here's what DeeAnn has to say about Lovey...

I have owned Lovey for almost a year (10/31/2010). At first, Lovey showed me her wild child streak, but with lots of time and lunging at first, she came around very well. I keep in touch with her old owner and we share Lovey stories all the time. Lovey is best friends with my other mare and has learned how to become a spoiled rotten, well-loved girl. Her days consist of frolicking around the pasture, splashing in the pond with JJ (her soul mate) and Victoria (her new sister) and romping through the woods playing catch me if you can when I try to catch her. She is a 10+ mover on the flat and I have high hopes of entering some open hunter shows in the near future. I am so thankful to have Lovey in my life. Thank you TROT!

Tally Man - Tally

  • Foaled March 11, 2008 by Tiznow out of Edict by Swain (IRE)
  • Great grandson of Danzig, great-great grandson of Seattle Slew and Northern Dancer
  • Retired December 2010
  • Adopted January 3, 2011 by DeeAnn Smith

Here's what DeeAnn has to say about Tally...

While fostering Tally Man for TROT earlier this year, I just fell in love with him and HAD to have him. He has the best personality and is a joy to be around. Tally is a very personable horse which is partially why I fell in love with him. He is still a baby so patience is a must with him. We are currently sharpening our ground work skills for now and will soon be getting back in the saddle. He has an awesome frame in the round pen while lunging which makes me grin from ear to ear. We are taking it slow due to his previous low-bowed tendon but that is time we are willing to take. He loves to play with anyone who will tolerate his 17hh self. He is a big puppy-dog and loves to follow Lovey, JJ and Victoria around in the pasture. I am so fortunate to have Tally in my life as well as Lovey and Victoria because they are the most important things to me in my life.

Mecke's Moment - Vixen (formerly known as Chyna)

  • Foaled March 7, 2005 by Mecke out of Moment of Revenge by Timeless Moment
  • Great granddaughter of Foolish Pleasure and Damascus, great-great granddaughter of Dr. Fager and Native Dancer
  • Retired May 27, 2009
  • Adopted July 1, 2010 by Kelly Mcrae

Here's what Kelly has to say about Vixen...

We had a rough start. Every time I would try to mount Vixen, she would cow kick at me. I had my vet check her. She was super sore from having uneven feet and needed her teeth done. Once all that was done, she made a 180 degree turn around! She is very willing and eager to please.

She did have some issues with arenas at first. I think she thought she was at the track but she quickly learned this was something fun! I trailer her everywhere and even ride her on the road to my house. Vixen is not scared of much at all. I am going to do the posse contest in the near future.

She has turned into my little western pony. We are now learning how to calf rope! She has taken right to it; LOVES to chase the calf. All I have to do is sit back and she tracks the calf all on her own. We also do barrels. She has taken 1st place five times and 2nd place three times and we have only been showing since November! I couldn't be more proud of all the things she has accomplished in just one year!

She does have her "TB" moments, as I like to call them, every now and then but for the most part has turned out to be an amazing horse. My six year old even warms her up for shows and he competed in peewees on her! I am truly blessed to have her and could not think of a better fit for both of us.

Nottawatch - Gypsy

  • Foaled April 7, 2008 by Full Mandate out of Darluna by Premiership
  • Granddaughter of A.P. Indy, great granddaughter of Seattle Slew, great-great granddaughter of Secretariat and great-great-great granddaughter of Native Dancer
  • Retired January 20, 2011
  • Adopted March 21, 2011 by Tanja Jarrell

Here's what Tanja has to say about Gypsy...

Gypsy is doing great and shares a pasture with two other horses. She is in love with Calvin, my friend's tobiano paint and they love spending time together.

I am very blessed to have a horse like Gypsy. She is very sweet and loves her little apple treats. My husband is the cookie man and he found a very special place in his heart for Gypsy, too.

We are very happy with her and I would like to thank all of you at TROT and at Equestrian Inc. too (TROT boarded Gypsy at Equestrian Inc.). Organizations like yours have made it possible to save so many great horses just like Gypsy.

Gotthegreenlight - Summer (formerly known as Missy)

  • Foaled March 30, 2006 by Jump Start out of Lordess At War by Lord At War (ARG)
  • Granddaughter of A.P. Indy, great granddaughter of Seattle Slew and Storm Cat, great-great granddaughter of Secretariat
  • Retired December 28, 2010
  • Adopted August 31, 2011 by Greg Roberts

With her new dad Greg (R)

Enjoying some grain (L)

Taking in her surroundings while grazing on Kentucky bluegrass (bottom R)

Gotthegreenlight's barn name was Missy when she came to TROT in December 2010. Her racing career ended due to a knee chip. She is a beautiful personable mare that loves people and other animals.

After being x-rayed and examined by Surgi-Care earlier this year, it was determined that her only post-racing options were as a companion horse. Missy didn't seem to care as she enjoyed her life at the foster barn in Myakka City. Like all the horses at this barn, she was being pampered by her foster mom, Summer Thurber.

Several months ago, Summer's friend Greg asked if TROT had any horses with Secretariat in the bloodlines. We had quite a few but he was impressed with Missy's pedigree. After lots of phone conversations, emails and planning, the mare now known as Summer was on her way to her new home in Paris KY on August 31, 2011. She arrived on September 2, 2011.

Summer's new home is gorgeous and it's not too far away from Claiborne Farm. And it just so happens that Greg works for them, too. We have no doubt she will live the good life. She's also living with Foxy, who is also by Jump Start. We couldn't ask for a better home for her and are looking forward to getting updates from Greg.

Man That Alarm - Micah

  • Foaled March 25, 2007 by Man From Eldorado out of Darndana Anna by Darn That Alarm
  • Grandson of Mr. Prospector, great-great grandson of Native Dancer and Ack Ack, great-great-great grandson of Count Fleet
  • Retired January 2011
  • Adopted February 8, 2011 by Summer Thurber

Here's what Summer has to say about Micah...

I was originally just going to foster Micah. I headed up to Tampa to pick my foster baby up, and that's where our story begins.

The first time I saw his beautiful face standing in the shed row at the track, I was in love. He was just hanging his head over the stall chain looking for attention, which I promptly gave him.

Once we finally got him home, I realized he was going to be my biggest challenge thus far with all the OTTB I've had in my barn. He tested every rule, every request. He was very fractious in his stall. He was supposed to be on stall rest because of a strained tendon. That was not working out for him; he had other plans.

He was confined to the round pen where he couldn't run, but didn't feel trapped in the stall. With time, patience, and lots of leg wrapping, my Micah made a full recovery, all the while I was falling in love with the giant grey baby.

He became fast friends with my other OTTB, Silver Squire. They were inseparable. Unfortunately, Silver Squire had to be euthanized not too long ago, which broke not only my heart, but also Micah's heart. Micah was depressed and sulked around, only walking far enough to stand or lay on top of his beloved friend's grave. I knew the answer for both of us. I quickly made my adoption of Micah official. We needed each other and my beautiful Silver Squire brought us together.

Micah has been very slowly restarted under saddle and is proving to be a very talented and willing mount. His stride is enormous, his heart is huge, and his mind is quick and sharp. He is by far one of the nicest horses I have ever had the pleasure of riding. We are still working hard together every day to strengthen our bond and work together as one.

Micah is my baby, he saved my broken heart and I don't know what I would ever do without that beautiful creature.

Tampa TROT is an amazing organization and I am so very proud to be a part of the journey for so many of their horses. Micah greets every new horse with a squeal and smile. He is the official meet and greet committee for all the rehabs I foster.

I am so passionate about the OTTB and Micah is just another reason why.

Open your heart and mind to the supreme athlete, the OTTB. Ride and own a champion. Adopt from Tampa TROT and know the feeling of having a horse that will always love, always give 110%, and I personally will always be grateful to you for adopting one of these magnificent animals that need you.



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