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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the horses in your program come from?

All of the horses in our program were donated to TROT by their owners and trainers during the live racing meet at Tampa Bay Downs. Some horses come back to our program for various reasons such as adopter surrender, 60-day trial period return or repossession by TROT.

To learn more about how to donate a horse to TROT, click here.

How much does it cost to adopt?

Adoption fees range from $250 to $2,000 as determined by the Board of Directors. If the horse has physical limitations, is older or has a vice, the adoption fee may be waived.

All fees received from adoptions are used to assist other retiring Thoroughbreds in the program.

Are all of your horses sound?

It all depends on the horse. Some of the horses in our program never raced or were not suited for racing and were retired sound. Others have injuries that prompted retirement from racing.

By the time they are retired, most horses will have some sort of physical issue. Most of these issues will not affect a horse's career as a riding or companion animal, however, TROT does not make guarantees regarding the soundness of any horse or its future endeavors. Please keep in mind that stall rest and specific therapies may be required post adoption.

Those who are seeking a big, sound horse for jumping may wish to consider other adoption programs or options.

How much does it cost for transportation?

All adopters are responsible for the cost and arrangement of transportation for their adopted horse.

Can I find a child safe horse through TROT?

These horses are not recommended for children, novices or first time horse owners. They are fresh off the track with little or no pleasure riding experience. Even after a period of transitional training, most of these horses will not be suitable for children or inexperienced riders. Beginner to intermediate riders must be working with a trainer in order to adopt a TROT horse.

What is the timeline for adopting a horse?

If you are interested in adopting a listed horse, you must complete and submit an adoption application. Once your application has been reviewed, a TROT representative will visit your farm or boarding stable to ensure proper facilities for a retiring racehorse. Once you are approved, you are eligible for adoption and can schedule an appointment to visit our facility.

Please see the Adoption & Fostering page for details on the adoption process.

Are there any specific requirements for adopting a horse?

Yes. Please see the Applicant Requirements on the Adoption & Fostering page to ensure that you meet these requirements.

All adopters are required to sign a one-year Adoption Agreement and Conditional Bill of Sale. Written updates and photos are required at 3, 6 and 12 months. Adopters are also required to allow random visits and photographs by TROT representatives. Please note that if the horse is found to be either in poor condition or living in a squalid environment, TROT retains the right to repossess the horse without notice.

It is also agreed that the adopted horses will never be sent to an auction or slaughter facility. Even though there are currently no open facilities in the United States, horses are being shipped to Mexico and Canada for slaughter after being run through auctions. Please be aware that TROT horses will be closely monitored to assure they never meet this fate.

After one year, the horse may change hands but TROT has right of first refusal and must be provided the contact information of the new owner.

Please read the Adoption Agreement and Conditional Bill of Sale for complete details of the adoption requirements.

Please see the Adoption & Fostering page for details on the adoption process.

Do registration papers come with the horse?

To protect the horses from ever racing again, TROT will maintain possession of the registration papers for the lifetime of the horse. Adopters will receive a photocopy.

Can I adopt a horse for breeding?

TROT does not condone irresponsible breeding. Only after careful consideration of the potential adopter's breeding practices and philosophy will TROT consider adopting a mare for sport-horse breeding purposes only. This is the rare exception and not the norm. TROT does not have stallions.

Can I try the horse out?

Potential adopters are not allowed to ride TROT's horses due to insurance restrictions. Horses may be groomed, led, and turned out to evaluate their movement and soundness. Potential adopters may also request to see the horse ridden by a TROT representative.

The Adoption Agreement and Conditional Bill of Sale includes a 60-day trial period. Should the horse not have the traits you were looking for, it can be returned to TROT for a refund of the adoption fee during that trial period.

Can horses be adopted out of state?

Since TROT arranges random visits to adopters' homes or boarding facilities, adoptions are currently limited to the state of Florida only. Exceptions will be made to this and there will be stricter reporting criteria required of the adopter if the exception is made or the adopted horse is located more than three hours from our home base in Tampa.

How can I foster a horse?

The process for approval is similar to adoption. You will fill out an foster application and after it's reviewed, a representative will visit your farm to ensure safe housing for an off-the-track Thoroughbred. Most foster homes will keep the horse for a few weeks, up to a few months depending on the pre-established limitations. For their health and safety, TROT’s horses must have access to a stall for injury recovery and transitional training.

TROT is able to provide limited funding for care. If you require the cost of full board to house a horse, our program probably is not a good match. We greatly appreciate any donations of time, feed, hay, and housing to help keep these horses safe and ready to find a new home.

Please see the Adoption & Fostering page for more information.

How else can I help?

TROT appreciates all of your support. We are in need of monetary donations to help feed, house, and care for our fostered horses that come off the track. You can donate today via Pay Pal or by mailing a check. We also accept gift certificates to catalogs and local feed stores to help provide for the horses' care.

Other ways you can help TROT are:

  • Hold a fundraiser or horse show to benefit TROT
  • Network with your friends and contacts to find horses adoptive homes
  • Donate in-kind items such as brushes, wormers, leads, and other horse-related supplies
  • Ask area businesses to donate or sponsor items for a raffle or silent auction
  • Suggest a fundraising idea

To make a tax-deductible donation today, please click here for donation information.



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